VR Jetpack Game
Full Credits

Big thanks to everyone who helped contribute to the game.
If you would like to help add more assets, email contact@vrjetpackgame.com!
Main Developerpftq
Menu/Trailer Musicpftq
Floating CityWaterflame
Tutorial DomeWaterflame


TrueSky CloudsSimul
Fractal TreesVerum Bit
Floating Island and Asteroid BeltAnil Isbilir
Terrain Blending RocksAlireza Khajehali
SatelliteErmin Ascic
Advanced Steam SessionsPyroDev
Asteroid FieldTech Art Aid and ZioYuri78
Blocked RocksDmitriyDryzhak
Wasteland RocksEudes
FireworksTom Shannon LLC
Modular Space StationCGPitbull
Black HoleAlexander Zubov, converted to UE4.23 by Tyler Hurdle
Pumpkin Head, Skull, and HatsWaterflame
Movable Mech ArmsStormTruppen
WitchTarun Sharma
SantaTarun Sharma
Christmas FestivalDigital Salmon
Christmas RoomA.zo Omika
ColossusVerum Bit
Auto-Rotation on PlanetsVerum Bit
Player arrowsVerum Bit
Booster RingsAvari
Kaiju MonsterEdward Bennett


Orbitron FontMatt McInerney (public domain)


Jetpack Thrust SFXWaterflame
Laser Beam SFXWaterflame
GunshotModified from Epic Games
Sonic Boost SFXModified from Epic Games
Explosion SFXModified from Epic Games
Rain and ThunderSoundBible
Whip / Hookshot_def at freesound.org
whooshztrees1 at freesound.org
Mech ShutdownDesigner SFX by VideoCopilot
Sci-fi cannonhumanoide9000 at freesound.org
Sci-Fi Large Machine Power-Uphybrid_v at freesound.org
Cinema Boom impact #2beman87 at freesound.org
Wormhole SFXWaterflame
Wrong effectRaclure at freesound.org
Witch laughEvil Mind
Santa laugh, death, sleigh bellsWaterflame


Automated Livestream / Cuttingpftq
Automated YouTube TitlingTry This At Home